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Daisy, Ox-eye


White Flowers ( Daisy-like Flowers )
Composite Family (Compositae)

Ox-eye Daisy
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Season: Spring/Summer
 Montane, Along Roadsides and Disturbed Areas
 Up to 60 cm

Description: This is one of the most recognizable plants. Everyone knows the daisy…she loves me?..she loves me not? It is primarily found in those areas impacted by man–along roadsides, near townsites, etc. It doesn’t do well in the wild, as it is not native to the Rockies. The leaves have several shallow lobes cut into the margin. They grow alternately up the stem, and terminate in a single white flower. The flower is up to 5 cm across. The white petals (ray florets) surround a yellow centre (disk florets). The central disk, often appears to be slightly depressed in the centre. The daisy can be distinguished from similar species by its slightly lobed leaves.

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