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The Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast Posts

069 Looking at why elk keep their antlers througout the winter, and forest fires in California and British Columbia

In this episode, I take a look at the possibility that antler development in elk, may not be just about romance, but may have a…

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067 Mapping the Expansion of Coyotes, Reintroduced Bison Test Their Boundaries, and Time to Stop Making Rock Sculptures

In this episode, I look at a recent report documenting the expansion of coyote range over the past century. I also talk about some of…

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063 New Reviews, Crowfoot gets to know the Mounties, and the secret lives of the Yellow Ladyslipper Orchid

This week, I continue the story of the great Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot. I also take a look at one of our most beautiful orchids, the…

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060 Tricking bumblebees and a renewed focus on ecological integrity in Canada’s national parks.

This week I look at how the Calypso orchid fools bumblebee queens into pollinating it even though it doesn’t offer a nectar reward. I also…

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