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The Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast Posts

047 Canada’s 150th birthday and its effects on visitation to the Mountain Parks an Ode to Bear 148, and interviews with several candidates.

I look at just how Canada’s 150th birthday and free park passes impacted visitation to Banff National Park. Also in this episode, Canmore says goodbye…

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045 Wolves help grizzlies by killing elk, the Trans Canada Trail is complete, the Jasper to Columbia Icefields trail falls into limbo and gold rushes in British Columbia

In this episode, I look at the possibility that a landscape without wolves might also be a landscape without grizzlies. In addition, Canada’s Great Trail,…

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040 Pine beetles bring fire fears and Major A.B. Rogers surveys through the western Mountains, episode 040 of the Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast

Welcome to episode 40 of the Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast. I’m your host, Ward Cameron, and I record this on August 16, 2017, we’ve…

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039 The bear bites back and Hells Bells Rogers. Episode 39 of the Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast.

This week I talk about a recent story that involves a walker injured by a bear after she allegedly entered an area closed for that…