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006 Unethical Photographers, Amazing Parks Dog and Handler Honoured, Book Reviews, ice Age Migration Dilemna, and Ground Squirrel Reflections

This week we’ll look at unscrupulous photographers using telemetry antennas to try to track wildlife. As a counterbalance, we’ll profile one of Banff’s dog handlers and his dog who have been recently honoured. We’ll look at a few recent book releases and

Story 1 – Photographers Using Telemetry Gear to Track Wildlife

This week we heard from Parks Canada staff that unscrupulous photographers may be using telemetry antennas to track wildlife to photograph. These antennas, generally the sole property of wardens, conservation officers and biologists have been showing up in the hands of photographers. They have now banned the possession of the equipment with a potential fine of $25,000 and a mandatory court appearance.

Story 2 – Banff National Parks Canine Unit Honoured

Dogs are also a key aspect of law enforcement in Banff National Park. This month, dog handler Mike Henderson and his dog Cazz were awarded the Parks Canada CEO Award for Exemplary Service.

We often forget the important role of dogs in all kinds of criminal investigations and search and rescue. Mike and Cazz have been partnered for the past 5 years and have spent their time tracking lost and missing hikers, skiers, avalanche victims, poachers and criminals.

Story 3 – Ice Free Corridor Migration Busted

I love science, except when it suddenly changes years of accepted reality – and great stories. As a naturalist I am also a storyteller, but this story changes everything that we have long thought about the original migration of the ancestors of our first nations from Asia.

Story 4 – Book Reviews

We look at two books that are disproportionately timely at the moment, one looking at a previous Bow Valley Wolf Pack and the other looking at the floods of 2013 and how they forever changed the landscape.

Story 5 – Reflections on Researchers

This is a follow-up of our last program. In it, we played a presentation by 5 Columbian Ground Squirrel researchers. This clip offers some of their personal reflections on their experiences in the Canadian Rockies.