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Tag: bear 148

039 The bear bites back and Hells Bells Rogers. Episode 39 of the Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast.

This week I talk about a recent story that involves a walker injured by a bear after she allegedly entered an area closed for that…


038 Farewell to Grizzly 148, Walter Moberly’s Surveys, Solar Eclipses and Bird-eating Deer

Welcome to episode 38 of the Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast. I’m your host, Ward Cameron, and as I record this on August 2, 2017…

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036 Expanding Forest Fires, Bear 148 Gets One More Chance and No National Bird for Caanda

This week, forest fires are continuing to expand in British Columbia and one fire is moving in on Sunshine Village in Banff National Park. I…

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034 Bear Spray containers, Wildlife overpasses, Bear 148 in trouble, new bear research methods and Waterton Park’s namesake

This past week, bear 148 has been in some trouble around Canmore and we’ll look into her most recent runin with Conservation Officers. I talk…

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028 New wildlife promotions, Franklin artifacts, grizzly bear shenanigans and British Columbia’s inland rainforest

In this episode, I look at a new promotion being launched in Banff to help keep wildlife safe. This year also represents the first exhibitions…

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003 Citizen Science, Bear 148’s Wanderings, Icefields Bike Trail and Book Review

Learn how you can contribute to mountain research. Follow bear 148 as she explores her turf. Jasper announces Icefields Bike Trail and a book review…

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